Trained, Ready, & Armed Apparel: Let’s Talk About Our Products

Trained, Ready, & Armed Apparel: Let’s Talk About Our Products

If you’ve participated in any type of training (in school, on the job, sports, etc) then you are probably familiar with the phrase; trained, ready and armed. It signifies the willingness to prepare by training. It’s the will to win, it’s the work involved with getting ready, it’s arming yourself with the knowledge and skills overcome obstacles and meet challenges.

Finding a way to morph your lifestyle into your fashion ethics is nothing short of amazing. We praise vegans that choose not to wear clothes made from animals or animal products, because it is honorable, and they look fabulous regardless. The TRAINED READY & ARMED fashion, is the style of preparation, it’s the style that reminds us of what it takes to succeed.

Not only will you look strong and confident in our apparel, you’ll look good!!  Our products are hot and on fire- figuratively. So, why don’t you read on to understand just how hot our products are?

Our Products

We have over 100 products in our catalogue, but we cannot treat everything here. So, we’ll stick with short descriptions of 10 products. Here we go:

Short Sleeve 360 Unisex T-Shirt- Black

This black crew neck jersey is 100% combed ring-spun cotton. It is soft, safe, and it does not trigger a bout of allergic reaction. Emblazoned boldly in front of it is 3600, while TRA can be found at the back. This beautiful shirt is just $23.00.

Short Sleeve TRa-Unisex T-Shirt- Heavy Metal

Another crew neck jersey that comes in the gray shade of heavy metal. It weighs 145g, it is side seamed, and the full meaning of TRA is written boldly on the chest area. Like all our products, it is soft, comfortable, and hypoallergenic. It is also $23.00.

Tenacious Ready Aware 1.0 Cap (WP)

This cap spells combat ready with its classic fit, white TRA signature, adjustable snap closure, flat brim, and green under visor. It comes in nine different shades; dark grey, dark navy, navy, spruce, heather grey, silver, royal blue, maroon, and red. It is the perfect definition of “it doesn’t have to be black to be fierce.” Get it for $23.00.

TRA 2.0P Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt- Blue Print

The blue print signifies the color of the TRA signature on the chest. The shirt itself comes in two shades; black and navy. Unlike the ones above, this shirt is made of firmer, thicker, and heavier cotton material. Although the material is firmer, the shirt is still as soft and comfortable as the rest. It is $17.00.


TRA Ireland Original Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt

For the Irish fans, this shirt was made just for you. It has the TRA Ireland letters designed on it in the Irish flag colors – green, white, and orange. The neckline and sleeves have double stitching, while the shirt itself is crease-free. So, celebrate Ireland, look good, and buy it for $28.00.

TRA Trained Rifle Ladies’ T-Shirt – White Print

Just for the ladies, this fitting shirt has the TRA logo at the back, while the picture of a rifle and the word – trained, are at the front. This shirt was designed to make you exert the will of your strength without trying too hard. You can get it for $24.00.

Trained Ready & Armed (Armed) Pistol T-Shirt – Black Print

This shirt comes in 7 colors – white, army, heather grey, slate, new silver, baby blue, and teal. It has the ability to withstand multiple washings without losing its shape and softness. The black print is a pistol and the word – armed. Strike fear into the hearts of bullies with this shirt, by buying it at $31.00.

Trained Ready & Armed 2.0 Bomber Jacket – Black Print

If you want something different from the casual T-shirts, then you should try wearing an army colored bomber jacket from TRA. It is stylish, bold, and fitting for the statement you’re trying to make. It can be yours at $47.00.

Trained Ready & Armed America 2.0 Hooded Sweatshirt

You can still look badass even in the cold with the help of our hooded sweatshirt. Our sweatshirt is cozy, warm, smooth, and stylish with the print in American flag colors. The shirt comes in three colors: White, black, and navy. You can be a proud owner with $49.00.

Trained Ready & Armed (Army Green) T-Shirt

You didn’t think we would forget our military veterans now did you? This army green T-shirt has the words – honorably discharged, written boldly in black prints on it. Like all our products, it is fitted, comfortable, and bold. What better way to show your excellent service to the world than with a T-shirt? It is available for $29.50.

Buying our products is a worthy investment because our founder has served his country honorably and has transformed the lives of many.


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